Medicare Supplement Plans Explained

Medicare Supplement plans, also known as “Medigap” plans are designed to cover what Medicare does not pay in full. With a Medigap plan, you can see ANY doctor, anywhere in the country that accepts Medicare, no referrals needed! There are 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plans available. The most popular plans are F, G and N. Plan G is the #1 most popular plan in 2018We help folks in the states listed here find the right plan at the right price.

Medicare Supplement Plan Chart

The chart above shows what each Medicare supplement plan covers. As you can see plan F covers 100% of everything that Medicare does not fully cover.  Most folks would consider this to be the “best” plan. However, most people consider Plan G to be the “best” plan. The only difference between F and G is the annual deductible of $183.  The premium difference between F and G is more than this deductible, so you end up saving more money on Plan G and still have great coverage!


Why Purchase A Medicare Supplement Plan?

A Medicare Supplement plan will provide you with coverage from potential high medical costs that can incur with Medicare. Original Medicare alone only covers 80% of the bill. If someone has a $1 million dollar Medical bill they would be responsible for $200,000! With a Medigap plan, you would be covered in full, depending on the plan you purchased!

Also, Medigap plans are accepted anywhere in the country that takes Medicare!

Average Premiums For Medicare Supplement Plans

Because plans are “standardized” there is no difference in benefits between plans with the same “plan letter.” The only difference is the price. This is why it is important to have a broker shop rates for you. Rates can vary widely, $100-$400 per month for the same coverage!

What Is The Best Plan To Purchase?

Plan G is the “best value.” The coverage is almost 100%, with the exception of the Part B deductible of $183 in 2018. Contact us at (877) 245-6017 for a free quote comparison today!

What About Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans can be a good fit for the right individual. Medicare Supplement plans allow you to see ANY doctor, an Advantage plan only allows you to see a doctor within your “network.” You will have much more freedom and better coverage with a Medigap plan.

Will My Doctor Accept Medicare Supplement Plan?

Yes! As long as your doctor accepts Medicare he/she will accept a Medicare Supplement, regardless of the company you have your supplement plan with.

What Companies Are Best For Medicare Supplement Plans?

There are over 50 insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans. The best companies are the ones that have been offering plans for over 10 years, have lot’s of policyholders, and have great customer service. Contact us at (877) 245-6017 to get quotes from the best companies!

How To Compare Rates And Apply For Coverage?

To compare rates and apply for coverage give us a call at (877) 245-6017 or use our quote request form to compare rates online!